Our Design Philosophy

At Ontoro Climbing, we strive to design holds that are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for the hands. We take great care in making tendon-friendly holds by avoiding shapes which may cause excessive stress on the fingers. Climbing on plastic should be a pleasant experience that allows us all to get stronger without leaving our skin in shambles. 

Many of our designs are inspired by natural holds and formations we have seen in our travels to popular climbing destinations. Of course, some of our other designs were entirely dreamed up in the heads our talented shapers. With this in mind, our aim is to give route setters the shapes and inspiration to create intriguing and exciting routes.

Though we have immense fun creating new designs, we also take our jobs very seriously. If our team of designers, route setters and shapers feel that any one of our holds doesn't measure up to our criteria, we’ll take them back to the drawing board.