Competitive Climbing

University Bouldering Series

The University Bouldering Series (UBS) is a collegiate level competition series for rock climbers of all levels across Canada.  This unique competition is a great way for collegiate level rock climbing athletes to challenge themselves and bring them closer to the rock climbing community amidst the post-secondary frenzy.  This series is known for their fair yet competitive atmosphere which brings together collegiate students across Canada.  To see pictures from Season 2, Volume 8 sponsored by Ontoro Climbing click here.

Youth Bouldering Canada 2015

Youth Bouldering Canada is a division of Climber's Rock, Inc. It's purpose is to plan, organize, coordinate, and run the first ever Youth Bouldering Championships in Canada, and to help support Canadian youth athletes who compete at international events.  Ontoro Climbing is a proud sponsor of this event, helping young athletes to push their limit and keep on going. Ontoro Climbing Sloper Trophies were custom made for this event!

Climbing Escalade Canada

Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) is currently undergoing new and exciting changes that will move Canada’s competitive sport climbing community to be in accordance with the Sport Canada model. CEC has now been federally incorporated as a National Sport Organization (NSO) with a mandate to regulate and promote the development of competition climbing in Canada. Climbing Escalade Canada will provide assistance to athletes, coaches, and event organizers at the national level.

Sport Canada requires that the members of the CEC (as the NSO) are the Provincial or Territorial Sport Organizations (PSO or TSO) and through them the individual athletes, officials and other partners.